Telugu techie is coolest in US
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Monday, 23 August 2010 21:40

Four Indian-Americans, including Mr Vikas Reddy, a Telugu, have been named among 30 of America’s “coolest young entrepreneurs” by monthly business magazine Inc.

The achievers are people who are “building unique brands, making money along the way and changing the way we do business”.

Mr Vikas Reddy co-founded Occipital, a technology start-up in Colorado in 2008. It has developed RedLaser, a best-selling iPhone app that lets users scan barcodes. Since May 2009, RedLaser has been downloaded more than two million times, making it one of the most popular paid-iPhone apps in the market.

According to Mr Vikas Reddy, their firm Occipital in December 2008 “was running on fumes.” They finally decided to ask their families for money.

Mr Vikas Reddy wrote on his blog they had decided to build next generation augmented reality technology, but it was still going to require some money.”

“So we did something that didn’t require a lot of money,” he wrote. Occi-petal launched an iPhone app called ClearCam, which is actually the beginnings of next-generation augmented reality engine.”

To users, it doubles the resolution of their iPhone 2G/3G camera, takes photos faster, and can intelligently select sharp photos, Mr Reddy notes. “Since the camera was perhaps the most-criticised element of the iPhones, ClearCam was a hit, and has been downloaded 780,000 times.”

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